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TIE Jobs– We’re Hiring!

Join the Texas Institute for Electronics (TIE) and help us push the boundaries in critical semiconductor domains, including advanced packaging, with the aim of reestablishing U.S. prominence in semiconductor manufacturing.

With $552 million in funding from the state of Texas, including $440 million to develop state-of-the art fabrication facilities, we’re at the forefront of creating cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment and processes that will set the course for future advancements in semiconductor logic, memory, heterogeneous integration, chip cooling and more.

“The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the critical importance of securing our supply chain, motivating me to utilize my expertise to bolster U.S. technological leadership towards national self-sufficiency. I am highly excited to contribute to TIE ‘s advanced packaging line, by leveraging my expertise in semiconductor process development and startup experience.”

Sharath Hosali, Ph.D.
TIE Director of Process Integration
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“I joined TIE because I wanted to effect change on a large scale. As an organization which brings together industry and academia, TIE provides a unique opportunity to develop innovative educational programs and credentials that are responsive and impactful. I continue to appreciate that workforce development at all levels is recognized by senior leadership and staff as a key enabling factor of success for the organization and the industry more broadly.”

Alyssa Reinhart, Ph.D.
TIE Director of Workforce Development

“Nothing is more satisfying than working with amazing people on challenging engineering problems – I get to work on every aspect of the technology. It’s very rewarding to advance semiconductor technology to the next level and then have it implemented in the facility right next to our design lab. This tight coupling of novel engineering, manufacturing, and training is TIE’s exciting mission, and I love being a part of it.”

Tony Davis
TIE Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

“It’s a unique opportunity to join and contribute to developing innovative semiconductor manufacturing processes at a nascent stage. I expect that the strong culture of collaboration and the high degree of ownership of my work will accelerate my career growth.”

Indu Sabaraya, Ph.D.
TIE Senior Process Engineer