The University of Texas at Austin

Chips Act

Texas CHIPS Act Fuels American Prosperity

The State of Texas has provided $552 million in funding to the Texas Institute for Electronics (TIE) to develop state-of-the art 3D heterogeneous integrated (HI) fabrication facilities. This includes the recent Texas CHIPS Office, signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in June 2023, allocating $440 million for TIE to develop state-of-the art fabrication facilities. These facilities will support breakthroughs in the advanced packaging and heterogenous integration of semiconductors, an area where Texas can leverage extensive expertise and resources.

The Texas CHIPS act also allocates $698 million for the Texas Semiconductor Innovation Fund to subsidize Texas chip manufacturers and provide matching funds to universities working to advance chip design and manufacturing initiatives.

Building the Future of Semiconductors

For the TIE, the CHIPS Act is a call to action and a call to lead.

The CHIPS for America Act is a “suite of programs to strengthen and revitalize the U.S. position in semiconductor research, development and manufacturing—while also investing in American workers.” Congress has authorized $52.7 billion over five years.